Curtis White    
  I started photography long long ago, back in the days of film cameras. I had a Minolta XG-1 with a 70-200mm zoom lens. Then I decided to be a family man for many years and took very few pictures of anything other than my family. As my children became adults and moved out on their own I also began to have much more free time so I decided to get started again with photography. By this time film cameras were no longer the rage and digital cameras were. So I bought a Nikon D90 with a 18-200mm zoom lens and started taking pictures of everything I could, including my daughter’s wedding. Eventually I felt I needed more modern equipment so I sent my D90 to my mother and I bought a Nikon D7200. I bought several lenses for it but most of them turned out to be full frame lenses. After a while with the D7200 I decided a full frame camera would better suit my needs so I got a Nikon D750. The Nikon D750 and D7200 is my current setup with a nice array of lenses. I primarily specialize in nature and outdoor photography, including macro. I particularly love photographing waterfalls which are abundant in Oregon.


Debby White    
  I started out as Curt’s assistant, holding equipment, handing him equipment as well as scoping out shots I thought might be interesting. For a while I took pictures of my own with the Fuji XT1 mirrorless, which I enjoyed. Some of my photos are displayed on this site. Eventually, however, I came to the conclusion that I am a better assistant than a photographer, as I don’t have the patience photography seems to require, and reverted back to the previously abandoned position of assistant as well as the team blogger. We have lots of fun and have had some great adventures so far and I’m sure the best are yet to come, where you will find me happily in tow.